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Re: zsh: correct 'sudo' to '_sudo' [nyae]?

On Dec 19, 11:00am, Hannu Koivisto wrote:
} I always get this message when I start a new shell (whether by
} logging to a system or by saying "zsh" when I'm logged on) and try
} to run sudo even though sudo is in path.  rehash doesn't help, but
} "which sudo" always fixes the problem.  What could be the culprit?

It's not surprising that "rehash" doesn't help, as all that does is
empty the command hash table, and correction treats the contents of the
command hash table as the correct spellings.

Does "rehash -f" (both empty the command hash and refill it again) help?

Do you use the HASH_LIST_ALL option?  Unless that option is set, the
command hash table does not automatically fill itself during correction.

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