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Re: Are there 8 or 16 colors ???

On 2002-01-08 at 18:20 +0100, Joel CARNAT wrote:
> 	Is the color feature of ZSH enables 8 or 16 colors ?
> 	I mean, typing:
> echo "^[[0;32mhihi"		gives a darkgreen
> echo "^[[1;32mhihi"		gives a lightgreen (but bold)
> 	Can't I get a not bold lightgreen ?
> 	Looks like I only can get 8 normal and 8 bold colors...

zsh does not internally define the colours.  That above is not zsh
outputting colours.

It's a property of the terminal.  You're using the "ANSI Colour
Escapes".  The colours and effects are defined and standardised by the
American National Standards Institute.

You could modify the source-code of the terminal program to handle more
colours and more effects.  Many/most terminal programs will allow you to
change the precise colour-tones used through their normal config.

In all of this, zsh does nothing.  There's a couple of added features
where zsh simply knows about the escapes and can output them.
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