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named directories and directory completion

There seems to be a small problem with directory completion with
named directories.  When I partially type the name of a named
directory and then hit TAB, I just get a beep and nothing is
completed.  This only starts working when I visit the directory

  $ exec zsh
  $ cd com<TAB>
  --> beep
  $ cd /net/server/share/common
  $ cd ~
  $ cd com<TAB>
  --> name is completed

I guess I can somehow 'fix' this with the 'hash' command, but I'd
like to understand why this happens in the first place.

A partial list of settings im my zshrc:

----------------------------------- snip --------------------------------
# named directories and cd command
unsetopt AUTO_NAME_DIRS            # parameters can be uses as named dirs
setopt CDABLE_VARS                 # cd completions uses named dirs
setopt AUTO_CD                     # add cd if cmd is a directory name
cdpath=(. ~ /)                     # cd search path

# completion control
compctl -n -g '*(-/) .*(-/)' cd pushd mkdir
----------------------------------- snip --------------------------------

(zsh 3.1.9)


Dominik ^_^  ^_^

Dominik Vogt, email: d.vogt@xxxxxxxxxxx
LifeBits Aktiengesellschaft, Albrechtstr. 9, D-72072 Tuebingen
fon: ++49 (0) 7071/7965-0, fax: ++49 (0) 7071/7965-20

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