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Re: ZSH 3.0.8 and modifiers

On Jan 24,  9:53pm, The Doctor What wrote:
} Subject: ZSH 3.0.8 and modifiers
}  path=( ${$path}(/N) )

I presume you mean ${^path}, as ${$path} gives "bad substitution" in
4.0.x and expands to the PID (i.e., ${$}, i.e., $$) in 3.0.x.

} But under 3.0.8 (on my Darwin/OS X iBook) it produces an array
} with the string (/N) appended to each item.  Is there something I'm
} missing?

In 3.0.8, a trailing parenthesized string is not interpreted as glob
qualifiers unless there is at least one other globbing special char
in the rest of the string.  Brace expansions, including RC_EXPAND_PARAM,
are NOT considered to be globbing characters.

In 4.0.x, using brace expansion or RC_EXPAND_PARAM is sufficient to
cause the trailing the parens to be interpreted as qualifiers.  I have
forgotten when or why this change was made.

The usual workaround is to insert an empty alternation pattern into
the string, like so:

    path=( ${^path}(|)(/N) )

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