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ssh completion problem

This has been bugging me for a while ... I mentioned it once before, but
Sven at that time said he couldn't reproduce it.  I've just finally got
around to doing a bit more digging.

The symptom is that, even though I have a `users-hosts' style (real account
names munged below to avoid email address harvesters) such as:

    zstyle ':completion:*:(ssh|scp):*:my-accounts' users-hosts \
       lll@xxxxxxx zzz@xxxxxxx sss@xxxxxxx

when I complete after `lll@' I get offered all possible hosts from the
`hosts' style.  I want to be offered only `bbb.com' in that case.

(When I complete after just `l', it completes to `lll', then waits for
another tab.)

The problem is somehow related to this additional style:

    zstyle ':completion:*:ssh:*' tag-order my-accounts \
       'hosts:-host hosts:-domain:domain hosts:-ipaddr:IP\ address *'

If I take that out, the completion works as I expect in this case, but
of course then I don't get the separation of hosts into host, domain,
and ipaddr groups in other cases.

I'm sure I'm missing some obvious reason why the my-accounts tag can't
be used in the tag-order style.  It seems to work for the user part of
the completion, though; just not for the host part.  What's up?

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