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Re: Inconsistent behaviour of cd and AUTO_CD

Vincent Lefevre wrote:

> With zsh 4.0.4 and AUTO_CD, under Linux and ext3 filesystem type:
> ay:~> mkdir blah
> ay:~> cd blah
> ay:~/blah> ..
> ay:~> cd blah
> ay:~/blah> rmdir ../blah
> ay:~/blah> ..
> zsh: permission denied: ..
> zsh: exit 1     ..
> ay:~/blah[Failed 1]> cd ..
> ay:~>

Yes, clearly this is inconsistent. If you set either of the chase_links
or chase_dots options, the .. implicit cd will work like the explicit
one. Note that I don't think the filesystem type, operating system or
zsh version makes any difference to this (except IRIX doesn't let me
remove the directory). In fact, even tcsh has this exact same

The problem is in the cancd2() function in exec.c. It only tries an
implicit cd after establishing that the target is an accessible
directory. With chase_dots, it first resolves the target to $PWD:h so
it works. And for the cd command it doesn't have to decide what it is
doing so it just does the cd.

So cancd2() somehow needs to do a better job of resolving what the
target directory is before determining if it is accessible. I don't
fully understand the semantics of no_chase_dots to know how it should
do this. Any ideas?



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