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RE: Completing directories with special suffix

I don't parse out the classpath. Rather I perform the completion function, and
generate the possible package names (and cache them for later use). So I can
complete on a classpath setting (including .zips and .jars) rather than on a
directory basis. Which is what you really want.

Don't know yet if the zsh 4.x completions handle this. Unfortunately my current
client is stuck on 3.x at the moment :-( Hopefully I can check this out next


 --- Will Sargent <wsargent@xxxxxxx> wrote: > > I solved this in a non-zsh
fashion by writing a program called
> > classfind that
> > parsed my classpath and built a cache of classes vs. package/directory.
> >
> > So I can identify which jar I pick up a particular class from.
> >
> > I then built a zsh completion around it, such that this program
> > was invoked for
> >  'java com.oopsconsultancy.<TAB>'. So it doesn't complete on
> > directories, but
> > from your classpath.
> >
> > More details if you're interested.
> That sounds like a great idea; parse out the classpath and then do
> completion on it.  Woo.
> Will.

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