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New zsh user, I have a few questions.

I'm converting from tcsh to zsh for a few reasons, none them are big reasons or anything, just wanting to play, and I like the completion stuff in zsh, I've found tcsh's to be a little constraining. Of coures, that might just be me not understanding it.

I have a few questions I bet you zsh gurus will know immediately, most of them are tcsh vs zsh kinda questions, so if I've overlooked this stuff somewhere, please point me in the right direction. In case it's not clear, these are total (clueless) questions, not gripes. s/gripe/question/ :)

complete tar 'p/*/t,^d:*.{bz2,gz,tgz}/'

A tcsh completion alias, tar ^D will list files with stated extensions, is this possible in zsh? Added bonus; is it possible to have two aliases, say tarx and tart, and for a respective archive, automatically include desired flags for tar? eg: tart (tab or ^D) lists bz2, gz, tgz archives.. I pick a bz2 archive, and it prints tar jtf archive.tar.bz2, etc.

Strangeness in cd (tab) completion, perhaps something I have set wrong. I have two dirs, a test and a testtest, cd test(tab) prints cd test/ rather than showing the two options. I can understand why (test is a complete path), but then I hit <bs>t<tab> and it'll complete testtest. But if I do cd tes<tab> I get the two matching directories. This is, in retrospect, probably must misunderstanding by me (again, since test *is* a full path). A simple *smack* will put me straight on this question. :)

What is a 'suggested' cdpath? This is obviously going to be subjective, but I've found that "cd <tab>" just lists way too many directories to be very useful when I have it set as I saw suggested somewhere as (.. ~).. Is it possible to list pwd's subdirectories, then the cdpath directories, such as tab one shows pwd's subdirs, tab again shows cdpath? I can see the merit in cdpath, just having 100ish .dotdirs in my ~ makes having that in cdpath too verbose to be very useful. Curious if there is a way to 'tailor' this behaviour.

I use screen 100% of the time, and while I'm used to tcsh taking perhaps .2s to create a new window, it takes zsh at least 1s to create a new one, ala <meta>c in screen. Not a huge issue, and I suspect it's largish scripts (12k total between .zshrc, .zshenv, etc...) Using screen, do I need to run these scripts each time,

I'm sure I'll have more silly questions, but I'm going to do more reading, and perhaps get some more pointers to places to look and figure more stuff out on my own.

Thanks for any help!

Walter Francis
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