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RE: problem compiling zsh

> >  I am having trouble getting the zsh-4.0.4 to compile on my Linux
> > box.  As root I have tried compiling it both in /root or in my user
> > directory in /home; in both cases it fails to compile with an Error
> > because of undefined references in function init_term of init.o and
> > tsetcap in prompt.o.  In both cases in directory zsh-4.0.4 I run
> > ./configure and then make.  It is in running 'make' that I get the
> > 1 etc.
> You'll need to have either libtermcap or ncurses installed before
> building zsh.

Specifically you need development RPMs. I do not know what do you mean
under "Linux 7.2" but both Mandrake and RedHat do have separate runtime
and development RPMs (and AFAIK SuSE as well; any distro else that had
7.2 version?)

Check for package named like ncurses-devel or libncurses-devel or
libncurses*-devel (Mandrake switched to versioned libraries at some
point so it may be libncurse5-devel e.g.). Likewise for termcap. 


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