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Re: Options are not set


* Roman Neuhauser <neuhauser@xxxxxxx> [02-05-07 19:00]:
>    When listing options (by `setopt', `unsetopt', `set -o' or `set
>    +o'), those turned on by default appear in the list prefixed with
>    `no'. Hence (unless KSH_OPTION_PRINT is set), `setopt' shows all
>    options whose settings are changed from the default.
>    check the missing options in the manual, they're on by default.
Sorry, that means that my information is lacking.

However, that also means that something else is wrong, which I even
have a harder time seeing. The options are not set, at least I get not
the results I expect.
- No history is written
- If I want to start a program in subdir 'source' and enter
I get
	source _
not the
I expect.
- auto_list seems to work, I was not thouroug enough here.

I browsed in zshoptions for anything related to directories and the
history, but couldn't find anything.

Thanks for your time!

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