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Re: M-. should bring back last arg of prev cmd

* Nick Croft <nicko@xxxxxxxxxxx> [2002-03-20 17:16:00 +1100]:
>Hi. Another question. You help has been much appreciated.
>I learnt in an article by Dominic Mitchell "A Case for the Z Shell",
>that M-. can be used as a shortcut for the last argument of the previous
>Question: Is this dependent on some setting in the .zshrc, or a setopt
>command? I had it working a few days ago. I think it's the greatest
>thing since sliced bread. 
>But it's gone, and I suspect I've overridden whatever it depended on.

  Well, I'm pretty new to zsh, but I may be able to field this one.  

% bindkey ^[.
"^[." insert-last-word

  So it looks like you just need to run something like:

bindkey "." insert-last-word

  Note that the ^[ represents an actual escape character.  So before you
hit M-. you need to hit Ctrl-v so zsh inserts it literally.
  By the way, thanks for pointing out this feature!

  Oh, and while I'm posting anyway, is there a way to disable zsh's
reports that mail has been read in a mailbox?  I don't want to disable
the reports of _new_ mail, just the ones where it says "the mail in xyz
has been read".

  Hmm, looks like I managed to break my sig rotation script.  Maybe I
shouldn't have switched interactive-use shell, scripting shell, and
editor at the same time.  :)

This block should never execute.  Bug!

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