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Re: [Newbie] 'set|grep' doesn't work as expected

On 2002-05-24 at 20:27 -0300, Thiago F. G. Albuquerque wrote:
> In bash I can type
> set | grep <something>
> and it's ok.
> In zsh, it gives me the message:
> Binary file (standard input) matches
> Why?

Because you have something in the environment with a non-plaintext

Perhaps: export foo="$(print '\efred')"

It could be that you've even inherited a key=value pair where the key is
the problem.  But zsh itself won't let you set such.

Perhaps you have UTF or ISO 8859 data in a string and your grep doesn't
know about the local.

If your grep supports the "-a" option, to force interpretation as ASCII,
perhaps you could try that.

Or track down _why_ you have strange values in your environment.

If this is at all related to your use of zsh vs bash, then you've put
binary data into the environment in one of your zsh startup files.
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