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Re: make completion on OpenBSD

> That's what I was trying to tell you.  If you remove
> the backslashes, then the $(awk ...) runs at the
> time
> that you *define* the compctl, rather than at the
> time
> that you attempt a completion.  That's the effect of
> having it inside double quotes.  So without the
> backslashes, it only "works" if you run the compctl
> command in the same directory that holds the
> Makefile.

Ok, now I finally got it!

> After loading the new system with `compinit', unset
> the elements of the _comps assoc corresponding to
> the
> compctls that you prefer to use.  E.g.
>  unset '_comps[foo]' '_comps[bar]' '_comps[etc]'
> or (shorthand)
>  noglob unset _comps[{foo,bar,etc}]

Amazing, this really works! :)

> > Maybe I should "port" my compctl rules to compsys
> > rules (I presume they can be override system
> > defaults?), but it takes time if it cannot be
> > automated.
> There isn't any automated way, but it's possible
> that
> there are zstyle commands you could use to get the
> behavior that you want -- many of the new
> completions
> are very configurable.  Ask on the list about a few
> that are most important to you.

I think I'll use compctl for now, I have one system
where only zsh3 is installed. I guess compctl will not
be removed from zsh (ever/soon)?

>  Even if zstyles are
> not available it's possible that your different
> behaviors are generally useful enough to get folded
> into the distribution.

They seemed to work very well, make was an exception:

if in a Makefile is line

FOO :=

make <TAB> lists that also as possible completion,
although "make FOO" is meaningless.

One thing I really miss from default completions is
the "cd ..<TAB>" producing /. With Finnish/Swedish
(probably German, too) keyboards / is shift+7 and
that's quite a penalty.

Anyway, thanks again!

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