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Re: compinit problems with Cygwin and Win2000

Well, my original reply did not get through. But after
spending a little more time on the problem I found the

It was caused by the comparison in:

_d_als=($(whence -wm '_*' | sort |
while read -rA _d_line; do
  [[ ${_d_line[2]} = function ]] && print -r - ${_d_line[1]%:}

${_d_line[2]} contains "function^M" and not "function"
as expected.

The use of the .zcompdump cache file works properly
when I change the comparison to 

  [[ ${_d_line[2]} = function? ]] && print -r - ${_d_line[1]%:}

I will probably run into this line ending problem again.

Note: the problem does not occur on win98.

Vagn J

v@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >Try changing that to
> >
> >  fpath=(~/.zfunc $fpath)
> >
> >and then see what happens.
> >
> That does not change anything. But is more correct than what
> I
> had, so I will be using that line in the future. 
> From what I understand from looking at  the compdump code,
> the 
> second to last "autoload" in .zcompdump should autoload all
> the underscore
> functions in $fpath[2]. Correct?
> Also completions don't work (cd <TAB>, ls <TAB> etc.) when
> statring a shell when the .zcomdump exists. If I delete
> .zcomdump
> and start a shell, then the completions work (print -<TAB>
> is cool!).
> By the way: i don't have this problem on my win98 machine at
> home.
> --
> Vagn Johansen
> (Replying to my own mail because Barts mail is on my PC at
> home)

Vagn Johansen

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