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Re: Prompt themes

Borsenkow Andrej wrote:

> I am afraid it won't work anywhere except for Linux console. And even
> then only using default IBM 437 character set.
> You have to emit escape sequence that tells your terminal (emulation)
> use semi-graphic characters and possibly use some translation into
> specific character set used by your terminal. I have never found a way
> to do it automatically (or even semi-automatically). Neither termcap
> terminfo help here because their set of semi-graphics is very limited
> and does not cover characters used in prompt themes.
> -andrej

If I understand, it's impossible for me to use the prompt themes. It's
too bad because i found this thmes so beautiful :(. But there is a point
that i don't understand. You said that the theme could only work on
linux console and a this url :
pg whe can see that he use X11 environnement ???


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