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Re: Prompt themes

On Jun 28,  5:25pm, Arno wrote:
} Subject: Re: Prompt themes
} You know how can I emulate linux console with good character ? I use a 
} Debain Linux so I think it's possible but I don't kown. I don't need 
} french character in my xterm.

Running `prompt -h adam2' says, among other things:

Recommended fonts for this theme: nexus or vga or similar.  If you
don't have any of these, then specify the `plain' option to use 7-bit
replacements for the 8-bit characters.


So you need to use `xterm -fn nexus' or `xterm -fn vga' to tell xterm
to use the nexus or vga fonts, or in your $HOME/XTerm file put

XTerm*font: nexus

(or whatever).  You probably don't have the nexus or vga fonts available,
but you can find them with a Google search, which brings up e.g. this
page:	http://home.earthlink.net/~us5zahns/enl/ansifont.html

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