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Closed list? (was Re: A new game)

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Jun 29, 12:04pm, Will Yardley wrote:

> > is there still widespread opposition to closing this list to non-members

> I don't think that's the solution, at least for viruses.  The virus
> that started this particular thread mails itself to address book
> entries while using other address book entries to forge the From:
> header.  That makes it reasonably likely that either the sender is a
> subscriber, or would appear to be one unless the SMTP envelope were
> examined by the list software.
> The list is run with ezmlm, which implies qmail; it ought to be
> possible to plug in some kind of a virus filter with qmail-scanner.

yes, but if the From address is forged, isn't there a good chance that
the person whose address is in the From: header isn't a subscriber?

anyway piping the list through demime might help a bit, although a lot
of viruses would still get through that.  i am not worried about being
infected, but it is a waste of time and bandwidth for all parties

also, closing the list (or better, requiring confirmation for posts from
non-list members) would still cut out most / all of the spam that gets
sent to this list.

i haven't personally used TMDA, and it looks like it's a bit of a pain
to setup, but it would be good for this sort of thing (and i'd imagine
it can be configured to work with qmail / EZMLM).

just my $0.02

Will Yardley
input: william < @ hq . newdream . net . >

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