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Re: read -s

> >>     For example, bash has a non-POSIX, non-SuSv3 compliant
> >> implementation of 'printf' builtin
> >Out of interest, in what way is bash's printf non-compliant?
>     The 'printf' builtin of BASH gives an error if you print, for
> example, '--'. It interprets it as an option given... SuSv3 says that
> printf must print whatever you pass as parameter.

This is not correct.

In http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/007904975/utilities/printf.html:

The `OPTIONS' section of the printf description says `None'.

describes what this means:

Default Behavior: When this section is listed as "None.", it means
that the implementation need not support any options.  Standard
utilities that do not accept options, but that do accept operands,
shall recognize "--" as a first argument to be discarded. 


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