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Re: [SUBMIT] _ant completion function

On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 06:06:27PM -0700, Felix Rosencrantz wrote:
> Target elements have a "description" attribute, like they have a "name"
> attribute.

Okay thanks.
> > On the 4.1 branch, there is a _java_class function which is meant to do
> > this but I can't entirely make sense of what it is doing and how to get
> > it to use $ANT_HOME/lib/*.jar as you suggest. It ought to use
> > _multi_parts too.
> You don't explain what is confusing you.  Though there are several things

Well, a number of things, some of which you've now explained.

In the latter half, after determining that $i is a directory, why does it
then ignore $i when putting together a list based on .class files? Seems
strange to me.

Can a classpath contain things like '*.jar' or for _ant should it be
expanding the glob.

> The other thing is that _java_class looks at opt_args for -classpath or -cp.
> This is ugly, really should be a better way to pass these values without
> having to go to a state.

There is a better way. Have a look in _figlet for an example. Basically
you can use an _arguments spec which looks something like this:
'*:class:_java_class -cp ${(v)~opt_args[(i)(-cp|-classpath)]\:-$CLASSPATH}'
so no states are needed.

It'd be cleaner if _java_class just had an argument to specify the
classpath like this.

> Could we add _java_class to 4.0?  Is there something about it that would
> not allow us to add it?

I'd be in favour of adding it and can't see any particular reason not to.

> Also, adding caching for the build.xml targets/descriptions, and
> for _java_class jar files.

For cacheing the contents of jar files, it might be wise to use the same
cache used by _zip and allow jar completion to also use it.


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