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Re: vi-history-incremental-search?

On Aug 29,  2:49pm, Steve Talley wrote:
} Is there any way to modify either vi-history-search-* or
} history-incremental-search-* to come up with a hybrid
} vi-history-incremental-search*?

Unfortunately, without rewriting some C code, it's very difficult.

Even in emacs mode you can't exit from incremental search and then resume
the same search again later.

You can tell the search what string to begin searching for, by calling
(in a widget function) e.g.
	zle history-incremental-search-backward foo
but there's no way at the end of a search to capture and save the string
that was last searched for, so the ability to set the starting string
doesn't help much.

You *could* implement your own incremental search, modeled after the
input loop in the incremental-complete-word function that's in the
distribution, but that would get pretty hairy.

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