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Re: history expansion

# schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / 2002-09-25 23:43:33 +0000:
> On Sep 25, 12:33pm, Roman Neuhauser wrote:
> } Subject: history expansion
> }
> } is there a setopt (or another way) that would allow me to do stuff like
> } this:
> } 
> }     % !!:s/!!3/!-2:s,foo,bar,/
> } 
> } without the need to use variables?
> So what you want to do is, take the entire line from two commands earlier,
> do a foo -> bar replacement in that, and then use that as the replacement
> for the third argument of the immediately preceding command?

    in this example, yes.
> I'd type C-p C-a M-f M-f M-f M-d !-2:s,foo,bar, and hit enter.

    that's what i'm trying to avoid.  i'm a history expansion junkie.
> There isn't any option or other setting that allows history expansions
> to be nested in that way.

    that's a pitty.

> The best you can do is to expand each reference as you go along, by
> using magic-space or a completion binding; e.g. the above could be
> obtained by typing something like
> 	!!3/!-2:s,foo,bar/<TAB><C-a>!!:s/<RET>

    hmm.  that's pretty unintuitive for me.
    not knowing the internals of the history expansion, what is the
    probability of nested expansion appearing in zsh?

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