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zstyle problems


first off, I'm pretty much a newbie to zsh. I have been using it for a
year or so, and I'm pretty familiar with the basic stuff. Now, I decided
that I wanted to try squeeze the rest of the juice out of zsh, since I'm
spending roughly 8-10 hours with the thing :)
One thing that I want to do is set up completion so that it works
_precisely_ how _I_ want it to work. So, I read up on using zstyle and
writing completion widgets. Then I tried to do the following (this is
not what I really want, it's just a simple test): I wanted different
completion for 'cd' and the rest of the commands. I put the following
lines in my .zshrc: 

zstyle ':completion:*:*:cd:*' completer _complete 
zstyle ':completion:*' completer _complete _correct _approximate

But to my big surprise, I still get exactly the same completion (with
corrections) for 'cd' and the other progs. Am I missing something here?
I also tried to change tag-order for the -prefix- completer so that it
would complete named directories before users, but that failed as
well... I am, however, able to make zsh complete on specific file
extensions for some programs I wrote, using the file-patterns style.

Any help appreciated,

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