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Re: Installed zsh 4.0.6 and now cursor keys don't work fully

* Stephen Kitchener <steve.kitchener@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2002-10-24 17:17:10 +0100]:
> I have just installed zsh4.0.6 on to an HP machine, and now the cursor
> keys function differently. I used to be able to scroll though the
> history buffer, This still happens, but each recalled command is put
> onto the end of the previously recalled command line in the history
> buffer. ie it looks like this
> ls -lals    cd /users2/gnu2
> where as there should be 3 separate commands ls, ls -la,cd /users2/gnu2
> Is there a simple fix ?
> I was running  3.1.9  before I changed up to 4.0.6
> Also the backspace key functions differently, as it is used, it will go
> forward but only the same amount of characters that have been typed on
> the command line, ie if I type ddd it will go forward 3 spaces and then
> stop, if I type a further ddd it will go forward another 3 spaces (as I
> press the backspace key) and then stop again.

  Well, I wish I could be more specific, but if nobody else knows, maybe
this will set you on your way.  I've seen a problem similar to this,
that was a result of emulation settings (read: $TERM variable).  It's
not that zsh is appending the command vs replacing it, it's that the
terminal isn't properly clearing the line before printing the next
command...see what I mean?  Seems like it's related to your backspace
problem; you can only backspace as many characters as you've typed,
because zsh knows you've only typed that many, it's just that your
terminal is sending the character to the right when you hit backspace
instead of the left.
  Or maybe it's something different entirely.  :) 

 John Buttery

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