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Script Conversion

Hi everybody,

	As I understand it, Zsh's compatibility with 
Csh syntax does not run very deep and it can't cope 
with Csh's nasty non-standard syntax for things like

	Assuming I am right about this, does anybody
know of a script or utility that can automatically
convert Csh scripts into a format which Zsh can 
source? Ideally, I would like conversion to vanilla 
Sh syntax and support for converting the Csh "if" 
and "switch" commands. In practice, I will take what 
I can get. I already know about the script for 
processing .cshrc, etc on the fly but I don't think 
that handles Csh style "if" statements, which is 
something that would which make my life a lot easier.

	Any help would be appreciated.


Daniel Rigal MSc
IT Support                        AePONA (England) Ltd
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