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Re: exec problem

John Buttery wrote:

* x x <pbyrne76@xxxxxxxxxxx> [2002-11-26 13:31:25 +0000]:

In 4.0.4 when I issue an 'exec' and zsh can't find
the executable it simply terminates without warning.
This is surly not desirable behaviour.

[snip function to create a "safe" exec]

Shouldn't this be builtin?

 My gut feeling is that zsh's behaviour in this regard is correct,
since I always thought there was a core belief (among UNIX software in
general, not just zsh) that the software should "do what I say, exactly
as I say, and not second-guess me".
 However, having said that, I think your function is quite useful
and that a lot of people will like/use it (possibly myself included).
Thanks for taking the time to write it. :)

But zsh doesn't do what the user says and certainly
isn't doing what he wants. From a users perspective
an exec has two parts:
1. run a new command without forking
2. terminate the shell

Since zsh cannot complete the first part it should not try to
do the second. More generally if a composite action is composed
of several steps, each of which must be completed in order
for the composite to be completed, then an exception should
be generated if any step fails causing the complete action
to fail gracefully.

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