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Re: Add ^C'd commands to history?

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 08:53:36PM -0600, Jeremy M. Dolan wrote:
> Yeah, and it occurs to me I could "^Aecho " to get it in history, then
> wipe out this echo to run it, but I think my hands are too wired to ^C
> for things along this line to work very well.

You could also put a "echo " in front of it and a "> sometempfile" at
the end, run the other command you want to execute and then "source
sometempfile". And there are probably even more painful ways to do it...

> I think HIST_ADD_CANCELED would be useful to enough people to have it
> added. (at least as useful as the 30 or so other history options)

When I press ^C to cancel a command, i do it to really cancel and never
ever see it again. Why would i want it to add to the history? It gets
long enough without several dozens of wrong commands.

Just use the buffer stack that zle provides like anybody else.


Stephen Rüger

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