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Useful query-replace zle widget


I've been using these for a while and it's time for me to share
them... It involves `creative' use of zle... It's zsh's answer to
emacs's query-replace.

How to use:
 1. You need the read-within-zle function.
 2. Drop read-within-zle and query-replace along your fpath
 3. Add the following to your .zshrc:
        autoload -zU query-replace read-within-zle
        zle -N query-replace
        bindkey "^[%" query-replace
        bindkey "\M-%" query-replace # only if using bindkey -m
 4. Use M-x query-replace or M-% to start query-replace'ing.

Enclose these in the zsh distribution if you find them useful. Both
functions are GPL'ed but I'm willing to change the license if needed
for inclusion into zsh.


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Description: Bourne shell script

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