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Re: qconfirm in front of zsh-users@

Paul Lew wrote:
"Andrey" == Borzenkov Andrey <Andrey.Borzenkov@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Andrey> Confirmation mode looks like the least evil (if current
    Andrey> measures do not work). I can put up with need to subscribe
    Andrey> to both lists if it is absolutely necessary.

One problem with this method is the round trip time might just be
too long for some location and become a nuisance.

And a constant stream of spam *isn't* a nuisance? If it were a nuisance for
someone they would be sending a few mails to the list, therefore they would
be interested in the list, therefore they are very likely to subscribe, even
just to participate in one thread.

My company mail system nukes anything with a virus but I still get a mangled
mail each time, along with all the other spam. I'm mostly on a dialup so a lot
of unwanted mail is much more annoying than confirming for each time I post (since
that's not very often).

No automatic filtering system is 100% accurate, confirmation for non-subscribers
would be my vote.


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