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Re: the watch variable

[On 15 Dec, @19:24, Bart wrote in "Re: the watch variable ..."]
> On Dec 14,  1:04am, Miek Gieben wrote:
> }
> }  WATCHFMT='At %T %n has %a from %M.'
> }  watch=( notme )
> } 
> } And I notice that the login times are correct, i.e. it is the time
> } that the person actually logged in. But the log off times are wrong.
> } I'm seeing the current time in stead of the actual time someone logged
> } off.
> } 
> } Is this a bug? 
> No, though I suppose you could call it a misfeature.
> Zsh only examines the most recent 50 records when determining login/out
> times, because searching the entire wtmp file would take far too long.
> So if there's a lot of activity on the system, the record for the person
> in question may have been pushed beyond 50-record region, and zsh falls
> back to the current time.
> If that doesn't seem to explain what you're seeing, let zsh-workers know.

yes, that explains it. Although I have never seen it when people are logging


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