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Re: function to return most recently modified file to command line

Eric Smith wrote:
> I would like to have a function ideally to bind to a key combination
> that returns the most recent file to the command line.
> Like I might type
> $ acroread <Alt-B>

I do this with a completion widget:
zstyle ':completion:most-recent-file:*' match-original both
zstyle ':completion:most-recent-file::::' completer _menu _files _match
zstyle ':completion:most-recent-file:*' file-sort modification
zstyle ':completion:most-recent-file:*' file-patterns '*(.):normal\ files'
zstyle ':completion:most-recent-file:*' hidden all
bindkey '^Xm' most-recent-file
zle -C most-recent-file menu-complete _generic

> Specify the type of file say `pdf' or `txt' for the latest instance
> of that type of file.

The _match bit allows that: type *.pdf and ^Xm will get you the most
recent .pdf file.

> Also the function could automatically add an <enter> after returning the
> filename.

You can probably use a normal zle widget which invokes this followed by

You'd lose the feature that invoking this multiple times cycles through
files in modification order though.

I'm now away for a couple of weeks, by the way. Have a good Christmas


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