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loading dynamic modules in a static shell


Is it supposed to be possible to compile a static shell with part of
the modules built in and to be able to load the remaining modules with
zmodload?  Having a separate link option for every module in
config.modules gives me the impression that I should be able to create
a mixed configuration, with some static and some dynamic, but I have
not been able to get it to work.  I don't know if there is another way
I am supposed to do it but If I tried setting some with link=dynamic
and some with link=static in config.modules it would not work.  It
only compiled either static or dynamic based on how the ldflags were
set when it was configured with configure.

I compiled zsh-4.0.9 configured with
"configure --enable-ldflags=-static", installed it, then reconfigured
it as shared, did a "make modules" and installed the dynamic modules.
However, when I try loading one of the dynamic modules that are not
statically linked in, such as zftp, it just says
"zsh: failed to load module: zsh/zftp".

I have searched the FAQ, mailing lists, and documentation, but have
not found any information that helps me.

I built a static shell to install in /bin on FreeBSD but did not want
it be so big with every module compiled in.

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