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Re: Installing ZSH Info Manual in OS X?

Aaron Davies wrote:
> Hi, I'm running the Fink install of zsh 4.1.1 on OS X 10.3.2, and I'd 
> like to get the nice hierarchical info manual I've seen on linux 
> systems. (I currently have only the flat, multi-part man page manual, 
> and I'm getting really tired of grepping it for the glob references.) 
> How do I do this? I found the info manual tarball at the website, but I 
> have no idea how to install it.

The info files go in a directory named info. Usually something like
/usr/share/info or /usr/local/info. You'll have zsh.info and a few
other numbered files starting from zsh.info-1. They can be gzipped to
save space. You may need to point to the info directories using the
INFOPATH environment variable.

In zsh, you might use something like:
  typeset -Tx INFOPATH infopath
  infopath=( ~/info )

Each info directory has a file named `dir' which serves as a sort of
menu. If you have installed GNU texinfo, you can add an entry for zsh to
this file with something like the following command:
  install-info --info-dir=/usr/local/info /usr/local/info/zsh.info

Then you need a program to view the files. GNU texinfo comes with a
standalone program named info to do this. I don't like it and tend to
use tkinfo instead. There are other options such as the gnome help browser
(which seems to insist on a huge font) and one built-in to emacs.

The other option is to use the HTML version of the manual.


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