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Re: PATCH: case-insensitive globbing

In message <19603.1078744528@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
on Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 12:15:28PM +0100, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> It's just a thought but would it be somehow possible to detect the
> filesystem type and allow the efficency gain to be of use where, for
> example, a windows partition is mounted from linux.

Mac OS X has the same problem -- mixtures of case-sensitive and
case-insensitive filesystems all at once.

> It seems that there is a getmntent library function and we can get the
> name of the filesystem.

Note that this varies between SysV and BSD systems, at least (cf.
getmntent vs statfs).

> Presumably this is how find's -fstype option works. I can't see any
> way of determining a filesystem's case-sensitive/case-preserving
> properties but we can always have a special array so the user just
> needs casefs=( vfat )

Also: HFS ?

Also, what about the following phenomenon (which is not usual amongst
shells) -- is it the same under Cygwin?

% mkdir blah
% cp -p =date blah/DATE
% export PATH=$PWD/blah:$PATH
% ls /tmp/blah
% rehash
% where date

(not /tmp/blah/DATE) In this case, /tmp is on an HFS volume. Of course,
it might be different if /tmp/blah were on a UFS volume. Might be
awkward to calculate all this.

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