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Re: cd completion and CDABLE_VARS

Hi Peter!

Im rather new to the zsh. But I want to learn more.

> Go to the point where you want completion to be performed and type ^xh.
> You should get something like:
> tags in context :completion::complete:cd::
>     local-directories path-directories named-directories  (_alternative _cd) 
>     users named-directories directory-stack               (_tilde _alternative _cd) 
>     users                                                 (_users _tilde _alternative _cd)

When I type ^xh I get the following:
tags in context :completion::complete:cd::
    local-directories  (_alternative _cd)

How do you get the other entries?

> One extra tip is that there is a widget _next_tags which you can use to
> switch to the next set of tags even if the first set isn't empty.  It
> switches round in a circle.  I use:
> bindkey "^X^N" _next_tags

When I do this, I get a list of all subdirectories, no matter if I
typed already the beginning of a directory name. So I am not sure,
what this command does.

Another related question:
I want to "bookmark" some directories.

I want to type only a substring of the target directory in a cd
command (something like ido in emacs)
e.g.: cd ki changes to ~/project1/subdir/wiki

Is something like this possible with zsh?


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