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Re: cd completion and CDABLE_VARS

Hi Peter!

>> When I now hit ^xh I get the following:
>> tags in context :completion::complete:cd::
>>     local-directories named-directories      (_alternative _cd) 
>>     users named-directories directory-stack  (_tilde _alternative _cd) 
>>     users                                    (_users _tilde _alternative _cd)
> Sounds like you need to read zshcompsys for some orientation.  (I don't
> mean to claim that's necessarily as enlightening as you might wish.)

Thanks for the tip! I tried to read the zsh manual already.
It looks very big.

I am looking for a step by step guide (a tutorial) to get some funky
completions working. Does something like this exist?

> As I said before, the names on the left are the tags.  What I didn't say
> was the names in parentheses are the functions implementing completion
> for those tags.  This gives you a hint about what the tags are used for.
> _alternative is a utility function and we should probably suppress it
> from the list since it doesn't generate its own completions (I think
> that's easy to do but I haven't looked at the code).
> There's no precedence until you use tag-order as I described before.
> The lines are simply to associate tags with different completers.
>> I see, that the user names are used for the name expansion. I do not
>> want that. How can I switch this off?
> Instead of putting '*' in the last value in tag-order, just put
> in named-directories, giving
> zstyle ':completion:*:complete:(cd|pushd):*' tag-order \
>   'local-directories path-directories directory-stack' 'named-directories'

I tried to use this but it seems to have no effect.
I evaluated it on the command line and I tried it from .zshrc

I still get the same output from ^xh

Does the zstyle statement only affect the completion order? I want to
exclude the user completion from the cd command.


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