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Re: syntax overview for zsh?

* Nikolai Weibull (2004-03-20 17:04 +0100)
> * Thorsten Kampe <thorsten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [Mar 20, 2004 17:00]:
>> I need this for a "syntax highlighter" of my preferred editor.
> And what editor may that be?

EditPad Pro (and Boxer - Windows only). The lack of usable editors in
Unix is /interesting/[1].

>  I have a pretty good one for Vim (the standard one sucks imo),

If you would share it with me - I'd be grateful.

If anyone else has a vim or X(Emacs) syntax highlighter I'd be
grateful, too.


[1] (X)Emacs is the ugliest application I've ever seen. It has all the
functions you'll never need and those you need you'll never find.
Emacs doesn't have its own Macro language - it has a Programming
language. Great - if you know lisp.

The user interface of Vi(m) is the most ridicilous thing I've ever
seen. Do they really expect someone to memorize all this "2d" stuff
without a menu?

My preferred editor has been JED - until after two years of using JED
I wanted to do this arcane art called "sorting lines". I thought it
could be so easy as marking the lines I want to sort and then choosing
"sort" - how foolish and naive I was[2]. (I won't mention that
depending on the terminal and OS I use, either the [Del] or the
[Backspc] key "don't work" - not to mention [Home] and [End] - this is
"standard Unix behaviour" and I could easily compensate for it by
investing a day's work for each terminal and each OS).

[2] I tried it today again - JED doesn't sort marked blocks if the
cursor is just one row below the block (where it's supposed to be
after marking a region!). The cursor has to be in the last line of the
highlighted region - otherwise JED doesn't sort the region at all. Now
that is /enhanced usability/, /really/!

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