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Re: Completion for cd

* Thorsten Haude (2004-03-28 12:42 +0100)
> one of the last upgrades of Zsh in Debian Sarge changed the way
> directory names for cd are completed. With the current set of
> functions, user's home directories are completed, which is a nuisance.
> I think I have found the file to change:
> /usr/share/zsh/4.1.1/functions/Completion/Zsh/_cd
> Now, there are some problems:
> 1. I don't understand enough of the code to reliably remove user's
> home directories from completion. I could fall back to an older
> version of the file, but would loose completion of cdable vars.
> The code in question is probably this part:
> [...]
> How to rip out home dir completion without affecting cdable vars?

Just don't "rip out" and modify the completion code. zsh isn't bash - 
use the possibility to modify the way zsh completes. Completing named 
directories is already a change from the default behaviour because zsh 
completes by default only the directories in the current directory and 

Have a look at the users' guide for "tag-order"...

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