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Re: .zshrc sanity check

* Oliver Kiddle (2004-04-05 20:59 +0100)
> Thorsten Kampe wrote:
>> re-reading the User's guide I have made many changes to my .zshrc and
>> zstyle ':completion:*' completer        _expand _complete _match _approximate _ignored
>> zstyle ':completion:*:expand:*' glob             true
> The _match completer is pretty much superfluous if you already use
> _expand to expand any globs.

Okay, I've put "_match" out of "matcher-list".
>> zstyle    ':completion:*:approximate:*' insert-unambiguous true
> This style is not doing anything. _approximate only looks up that style
> after it has added the number of corrections to the context. I use:
>   zstyle ':completion::approximate*:*' insert-unambiguous true

And another one for my .zshrc ;-)
> You might want to think about using more specific contexts for quite a
> few of the styles. It is worth thinking through all the style
> components whenever you set a style.

Yeah, probably. But my understanding of the whole "zstyle" stuff and
syntax is not so deep (for a proof see "This style is not doing
anything" above).

> I prefer to avoid matching anything (with *) in the function component
> with styles that affect completion behaviour.

>> zstyle ':completion:*:expand:*' subst-globs-only true
> You might want to rethink setting that (and your expand styles in
> general since it looks like you've just set everything true).

Yes, almost. Peter Stephenson's description of these options in the
User' Guide is so persuading that I thought: "Sounds good and
reasonable to me. Let's set this to 'true'.".

> Other styles now do a better job with what I tried to do with
> subst-globs-only.

For instance?
> Other than that, it rest comes down to personal preference. I found
> myself thinking "yuk" but not "that's insane" on seeing some of your
> option settings. A couple of options you may want to try setting are
> c_bases and braceccl.

Did that (although I don't know what "yuk" means). I've set most of
these options two and a half years ago when I first got in contact
with zsh and read the User's Guide.

If reading the description of the option made me think "I don't have
the slightest idea what that means", I optioned for the default. And
every time I thought "Wow, looks like some extra functionality", I set
the option.

Shame on me that I had "shwordsplit" set until a few weeks ago ;-)


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