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Re: How to get faster completion if I make zsh assume what I've typed so far is correct?

Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> > > There are a couple of very annoying issues with this solution:  
> > > ambiguous matches are not cycled through correctly and it is impossible 
> > > to complete some pathnames.
> That's because it is enabling accept-exact for the last component and
> not just the earlier path components.
> I don't know of any way to get this to work properly (short of digging
> into the C source for compfiles). It really ought to be possible to
> disable the partial completion.

Both ought to be possible: failing to accept an exact completion early
in the path can cause big problems, and there may well be times you
don't want partial completion at all.  But finding out how to do it
might be tricky.

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