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Re: runtime problem with zsh on an sgi

William Scott wrote:
> Hi:
> I currently have zsh 4.1.1 running on my SGI (Irix 6.5.xxx ) and it 
> works fine.
> I just compiled and installed version 4.2 and when I hit the spacebar, 
> I get this:
> ^`^`^`^`
> things like backspace work fine.  I am at a loss for where to begin.  
> Sorry if this is really basic.

I don't think it's really basic...

It's possibly something to do with the libraries used for on-screen
formatting.  It may, for example, have been using termcap before and now
be using curses.

If you want to investigate (and I may be barking up the wrong tree),
look inside the file config.status.  You should find a line containing
@LIBS@ which tells what libraries are being linked in (e.g. -lcurses or

If that's changed, you could try
(1) changing the line in config.status to use termcap
(2) run ./config.status
(3) comment out the line
    #define HAVE_CURSES_H
    in config.h to stop it building the curses-specific stuff.

and rebuild.

However, it could well be something completely different.

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