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Re: (No) Exported Functions


Suresh.Kannan@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
> I've read the manuals and googled and as far as I can see, zsh
> doesn't appear to support exported functions. Is this true? If
> not please ignore the rest of the mail :)

Apart from Peter's answer which explains all of that "exported
function" stuff, I'd like to add something...

> 1. In my environment are weird and wonderful functions that do
> some useful stuff on a list of files, let's say coolfun()
> I can't do a 
> $ find . -name '*.blah' | xargs coolfun # coolfun: No such file or directory

But with "setopt extendedglob" you can do a
$ coolfun **/*.blah
which is shorter anyways :)

> Thanks,
> Suresh


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