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coloring STDERR to terminal

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i'm not sure if this is possible without patching some sources, but here's what i want to do... every time STDERR is directed to a terminal, i want to filter it through _something_like_ this:
	awk '{print "^[[91m"$0"^[[0m"}'

i want my STDERR to be a different color than my STDOUT (when STDERR is being directed to my terminal).

is there a way to do that in my dot-zshrc?

it would be neat if i could do some tricks with exec and shuffle STDERR through a filter like that... i'm not sure if it would be better to invoke `awk` once per shell, or every time STDERR is directed to a terminal... both ways have drawbacks. i'm not sure that's it's even possible to do it that way... or, if done that way, if it's possible to differentiate between output going to a terminal or not.

ideally, i think this would require a new environment variable... maybe something like STDERR_COLOR, and can probably just take an integer as a value and fill in the control sequences around it... among other advantages, there'd be no dependence on an external application. also, that's probably the only way to accurately deal with situations when STDERR isn't followed by a newline before STDOUT comes along.

if i was any good at coding in C i'd write a patch... but C is still on my list of things to master.



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