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Re: Return to the prompt

Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> Philippe Troin wrote:
> > listdir() { ls -l; zle redisplay }
> Problem with that is the beginning of the ls listing can get a little
> mixed up with what is currently on the command line.
> I would use:
>   bindkey -s '^V' $'\eqls -l\n'
> Note that that relies on my also having:
>   bindkey '^[q' push-input
> Oliver

The following widget seems to give a reasonable combination of features.
The difference between zle -R and zle redisplay isn't that obvious.  You use
zle -R to make editing changes visible, and zle redisplay when it's
necessary to reshow everything completely.

listdir() {
  zle push-input		# Save the input for later
  zle -R			# Show new line with no input
  print				# Clear the line with the prompt
  ls -l				# Show the listing
  zle redisplay			# Redisplay the entire line
  zle get-line			# Get back the input

(It doesn't seem to beep if there's no input to push and get back, but I
have so many guards to stop the damn thing beeping that I can't be
sure.  If it does, extra protection of the form (( ${#BUFFER} )) is

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