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Problem with complete-all

I can't get complete-all to work as I would like it to. Perhaps I have
misunderstood what it's supposed to be doing, so I'll try to describe what
I want to accomplish.

I use the new completion system with menu-complete bound to <TAB>.
Suppose that I have a directory which is under CVS version control, and
that I have added a couple of files to this directory. If I now go: 

cvs add <TAB>

the completion system supplies one of the added files, which is very nice.
Pressing <TAB> again switches to the next added file, until I have cycled
through them all.

Now, what I thought would be possible to accomplish with complete-all
(bound to, say, '^Xx') would be that when I go:

cvs add ^Xx

all the files which have been added would be put on the command line at
the same time. However, what happens is that zsh beeps and nothing else,
not even an error message. Doing a 'describe-key-briefly' on '^Xx' shows

This is what I have in my .zshrc, taken from the manual:

zle -C all-matches complete-word _generic
bindkey '^Xx' all-matches
zstyle ':completion:all-matches:*' old-matches only
zstyle ':completion:all-matches::::' completer _all_matches

What am I doing wrong?



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