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2 things

1)	consider:

zstyle ':completion:*:(vi|m):*' ignored-patterns \
'*.(a|au|bmp|bz2|divx|dvi|gif|gz|jpeg|jpg|mp|mp3|mpeg|mpg|o \

works great, I cant get enough.
However, I would like to ignore directories as well..
I have tried '*(-/)' '(*/)' and many combinations inbetween but with no
luck whatsoever...

I have auto_param_slash and mark_dirs set... Is this ok ?

Any thoughts on how I might accomplish ignore-directories as well as the
previous extensions?

2)	consider:

/home/niceguy/somedir% ls
wfiles.pdf  xfiles.pdf

in my .zshrc is have an alias -s set up to assocate all pdfs with
xpdf ... so, ideally I would like to type x<TAB><ENTER>
but when that happenes zsh looks through my path and completes binaries

I feel confident that somehow zsh will start matching in pwd ( in
another way than putting . 1st in my path)

so that instead of xp<TAB> <TAB><TAB><ENTER>
I can just x<TAB><ENTER>

im trying to use:
zstyle ':completion:*' local-files
but know im going about this completly wrong...

If anyone can point out which chapters of the zsh manual (or users
manual) I need to re-read, or if there is something 'basic' I am
missing, or if you can point out that either/both of these things simply arent
possible, I would greatly apprecate this.

Thank you very much for your time.

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