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Re: completion within word

Matthias B. wrote:
> What do I have to do to get
> to complete the "/bi" to /bin"

Add this to your .zshrc:
autoload -U compinit

You can also run compinstall which lets you configure lots of
completion options on its way and adds a few lines to your .zshrc
then. I recommend this :-)

> and
> svn file:///ho<TAB>
> to complete the /ho to /home ?

Uhm. Seems there is no completion for svn as of yet (for zsh
4.0.6 which I still run here). Is there one for zsh 4.2? Anybody?

> I've read the options chapter in the zsh manual front to back and back to
> front but can't find anything.
> This works in bash and I find the lack of this feature very painful.

You can use bash completion functions in zsh beginning with
version 4.2, so just add the completion for svn to zsh's
completion functions (and make sure your zsh is recent enough).
Should help if there is no zsh native function...



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