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Change directory on invocation of zsh


I'm using the latest zsh version of debian unstable (4.2.1).
I'm using rungetty on one of my systems.
My /etc/inittab looks like this:

1:12345:respawn:/bin/zsh --login -c "/usr/bin/grml-start ; /usr/bin/grml-screen" >/dev/tty1 2>&1 </dev/tty1
5:2345:respawn:/sbin/rungetty tty5 -u grml -g grml --autologin grml /bin/zsh

So I'm able to use autologin without doing login stuff.

My problem: when starting zsh my working directory is '/'.
Not just as user root but also as user 'grml'.

AFAIK the pam_env module is responsible for doing some basic
enviroment handling.  Because I don't use the PAM system I've a
little wrapper in my zsh config:

  ,---- [ /etc/zsh/zshrc ]
  | if [[ -z "$HOME" || "$HOME" == "/" ]] ; then
  |   if [[ `id -un` == "root" ]] ; then
  |      export HOME=/root
  |   else
  |      export HOME=/home/`id -un`
  |   fi
  | fi

Of course running 'cd' or 'cd $HOME' or 'cd ~' changes into my
homedirectory. But I'd like to change path already on login.
Doing something like '[ $SECONDS == "0" ] && cd $HOME' is a
workaround but changes the working directory to $HOME any time I'm
starting a new zsh. Am I on the wrong way?
Any ideas or any hints? Thanks!

thx && regards,
(-: Michael

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