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Re: Associative Arrays

* Eric Mangold <teratorn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [Oct 22, 2004 01:58]:
> >Aha, double quotation and then dequoting.  What a bitch...is this
> >seriously the simplest/only ways to do it?  I'd say that shell
> >programming would be a lot simpler as a whole if this was simpler.
> >Still, I guess I'm thinking a bit too much like a Ruby or C programmer.

> Alternatively, you may be trying to fit a shell language on to a problem
> it isn't suited for.

Well, not really.  Most of what I'm trying to do is shell related.  I'm
just trying to write shell scripts that have nice interfaces and such -
not just the "a quick hack" feel to them.

> What are you writing?

Basically, I'm writing a "library" of stuff that eases the creation of
well-working shell scripts.  I'll post something when I have something
decent to show,
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