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bindkey -v and alt-. for previous cmd arg

Hi zsh users,

I've been happily using Zsh for a couple of years, as the most productive
shell for my set of habits.

I use the vi keymaps -- I emerge from a vim session, issue a few commands and
return to vim. It's natural to keep editing the command line in a vi frame
of mind.

One of the coolest among many cool features of zsh is the trick of
reproducing the previous command line argument with alt-.  (This may be
shared with bash iirc).

n@tandv ~ % ls /usr/share/zsh
4.2.1 functions help
n@tandv ~ % ls alt-./4.2.1
n@tandv ~ % cd alt-.

etc etc.

This is no longer available. If I get rid of bindkey -v, then it's there.

I've spent about 18 hours reading up and googling. I've tried other peoples
.zshrcs.  Am I the only one using bindkey -v and heavily reliant on getting
the previous command argument. (Repeated pressing alt-. gets the argument
from the line before, etc).

Hope someone can help.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author