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[tip] Linux-GPM mouse support (repost)


I have updated my zsh mouse support again.

Now, it should work in the console of i386 Linux machines if
there's a GPM daemon running (the GPM protocol is hardcoded, it
happens to work with GPM 1.19.6 at least).

I have one problem with it. For GPM support, I use a unix socket
connection and a zle handler on that FD. As you can see, I
explicitely used the fd 9. I tried to let zsh decide for the
file descriptor. But when I did so, it picked the fd 3, and
there seemed to be a bug as there were interferences with the
tty input handling (only when I activated the mouse support
withing zle (zle-toggle-mouse bound to a key)). I also tried to
use a fd above 9. 10 was a bad idea as this fd was internally
used by zsh. Higher was OK except that I don't know how to close
it (there has been a thread some time ago about issues about
exec 15>&... but I don't remember the conclusions). Any advice?
Why isn't there a "zsocket -c" to close a connection?

[for FreeBSD console mouse support, we'd need the ability to
perform ioctls]

[Note it is my fourth attempt to post that message to the list.
It never showed up so far. Was it spam-rejected? This time, I
don't include the code. You may find it at:

Hope this helps

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